Aly & AJ Michalka welcome you to!

Oh, lovely mind.

Oh lovely mind, there’s a paradise dream beach that can make your dreams comes true with the amazing beaches, the beautiful sea and with an amazing view. It’s called Foxy Beach. Yeah, Foxy its sweet, there’s the channel called Fox, there’s a videogames character named Fox and there’s the page called Foxy surely visited by bands like 78violet. This band is one of the greatest bands of all time; it’s formed by Alyson and Amanda Michalka. Yes, they are sisters, and they have released very successful singles like “Into The Rush”, “Potential Breakup Song” and “Chemical Reactions”, taken from their two albums “Into The Rush” and “Insomniatic” that have made them get platinum certifications and important awards. Also, the sisters have been part of important TV shows such as “Hellcats”, have a record deal with Disney’s Hollywood Records, and have toured with important celebrities like The Cheetah Girls and Miley Cyrus. Thanks to their success they have learned that life is a paradise, a paradise that you need to enjoy day by day and live it 100%, forget about the negative things and always get the positive things of the life. What about a paradise place? What about a fairy place? Maybe we’ll never find it, but who knows? At the moment you can just live your dreams, your life, your family, parent and friends. But as 78violet may have done someday, you can play and you can fun in various activities. One of them? B-bingo! Check out foxybingo.comHow life can be.



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