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By: Oh-78violet
Jul 02, 2011


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3. Your site must be active , no coming soon.

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06 Jul 2011
Comment by Giovana

Hello :D
I have, the first and the only fansite made to Aly in Brazil.
It’s sad, but Aly don’t has so many fans here. So, I need help in the propagation to my fansite.
I’m creating the affiliates just now!
I want you to be affiliated with us from Brazil in the “Affiliates” (read and write “AFILIADOS” in portuguese ok?)
I hope for answer.
Thank you.

06 Jul 2011
Comment by PeppeMichalka

Please, E-mail us for the Request.
We didn’t accepts elite with not HQ Sites, I’m so sorry.
It’s great that you’re supporting Aly! Congrats!
But We really can’t, when we’ll add the ‘Affiliates’ urls
We’ll let you know, so Make sure to send the request via e-mail.

Oh-78violet Staff.